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What is Process Work

Processwork is the art, science, and the psychology of following the nature of individuals, communities, and eco-systems. What is this nature exactly? It is the “great medicine” for most suffering–that is, the way and meaning of change as it appears in everyday reality and in dreaming, in our bodies, relationships, communities and environment.

Open Space for One

Approaches for Self-Work

Open Space for One

Approaches for Self-Work

Powerful Questions

Questions for different occasions. 

How to Design Culture: 16 Patterns to Build Adaptive Learning Organizations « emergent by design

Great read along the line of OpenSpace and self-organization.

How to Design Culture: 16 Patterns to Build Adaptive Learning Organizations « emergent by design.


Process Work – Arny and Amy Mindell

Every time you ignore sentient, that is generally unrecognized, dreamlike perceptions, something inside you goes into a mild form of shock because you have overlooked the spirit of life, your greatest potential power.


23,000 hits and no updates in over a year

Why I even looked here today, I’m not so sure. But then I clicked stats (why not?) and there are over 23,000 hits. Hmm. Who knows why. If any of those are checking for life on this blog. Here it is. If there’s anything I’m up to that you’d like to hear more about, let me know. Otherwise I just do it, and don’t write about it. ^_^

Baby with foot in brain – um, not really me

I just found I my top searches are:

baby foot in brain, baby with foot in brain, baby foot brain, baby belly,

baby born with foot in brain

wow. That’s interesting. I do have that wonderful photoshopped baby foot-print in the belly image from my craniosacral friend Deb.

Now I’m the one who’ll go and search those words. Also I’m going to go look up how the foot is formed, and from what. How would that work, to have the foot show up at the end of the day, in the head cavity. Hmm. Well, it’s a stimulating thought for a winter solstice.

or maybe I’ll take a walk in the fresh sunny cool Taipei air.

Surgery Explosion Dance with Trance

This isn’t something a hospital would ever want to have happen.

This morning I reported for my weekly volunteer stint in the hospice ward of the National Taiwan Hospital and everywhere people seemed nervous, irritable – amygdala hijack operating everywhere. So I asked what was behind the sense of chaos. Quick answer “There’s no chaos here! … oh.” And it turns out 2 days ago there was an explosion in the surgery rooms, and a fire and 1 dead, 1 injured and  smoke and ash throughout the hospital and patients “evaculated” to the lobby downstairs and noone knew exactly what was happening. Oh.  This morning we dealt with such things as PVC pipe glue taste in the water cooler (drain the water, open up the system, wait for new water source) and ash around the place. Mostly it was just helping restore of sense of the boredom of clear procedure. When amygdala gets triggered, stand back.

Lesson here. um …  For my part, I noticed my break-through-it manner took the form of smarmy, clever-trousers. Probably didn’t feel very loving. People were running circles in nervousness around me. Was it helpful? What’s the most helpful thing to do when people are in hijack? Get them out. Throw water on them. I’m reminded of Milton Erickson’s advise … do the thing people don’t expect. Maybe the smarmy was useful. It certainly froze the person I was speaking with and popped them out of their repetitive behaviour.

What I did well: got people out. broke the trance. Noticed self get into the trance.

What I might do differently next time: stay connected with a loving heart, by ..??? working on some of my personal rituals that I can carry throughout the day. Meta. Breath. Cherokee Dance. Circulating light. Some of these I’ve not done all week. Observation: It DOES make a difference when I’m consciously utilizing these.