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Just finished a coaching community call with 2 of my colleagues, Nancy and Julie. I felt like an angel in the Wim Wenders movie Wings of Desire. It was such exquisite space they created. I write this, feeling as if I’ve been meditating the last hour, instead of being in this group. Isn’t it great that this is now how I work? Am I meditating or working? Both.

To business. I see this is what I wrote as the purpose of this blog:

This blog is my place for bringing my query to life, day by day, or at least entry by entry.

What am I really up to with this?
What resources are out there?
What are some of the stories I’m hearing as people around me begin to talk about their experiences as loved ones die?

This blog will hold
what I’m doing
what I’m hearing
what I’m thinking
and how all that transmutes to what “my offering is.”

The last, first: My offering is me. Done. Now I can check that off the list.

My real work is working on this “me” so that the grounded and spacious self which is always there can be accessed … while living a life that delights in being outrageously and loudly alive.

The rest is what I choose to think about. Quite different.

I see I also mentioned stories. The other day I was asked if I’d listen to 4 stories woven together. They are about the deaths of 4 people close to her, and how she grieved differently each time. Again, I am so honored to be asked. I said yes. I’m ready to listen.

Other items in my purpose:

What am I really up to with this?
What resources are out there?

A1: I’m up to life (why define any more?)
A2: Everything is a resource if I go out looking with those eyes.

… so, guess I’m done with my post and can go out a’lookin.

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