When I wonder what I do…

Sittin here thinking how lucky I am. What a day. It’s 10pm and I have a 5am coach class tomorrow morning.

Through the wall behind me is my husband’s office where the hot water pot is which I visit for drinks each couple hours. He’s writing the words — dialogue and songs for a musical that he’s been working on for over a year now. Each time I go there he’s keen to play something for me to get my feedback. I had 4 very different, stimulating coaching teleclasses (5am 10am 7pm 8pm). Lunch with Paul. Mid-day I had a trial coaching session with Meghann MacPherson, a no-nonsense coach/personal trainer (Canadian, lived in S. Korea 3 years, newly moved to the remote Australian mountains with her fiancee — just the normal coach colleague in cICA). We signed up for 12 sessions and I’m raring to go. I totally trust her solid ability and am scrambling around in my thought about how I’ll get everything I said I’d do in the next week done, early. That’s 3 months to get my aerobic/flexibility/muscle-building habits in place. There’s a lot of power in the thought, especially when I know she’s counting on me doing it. Left to my own devices, I’m more a dabbler and a thinker with my primary exercise bicycling and 5-minute breaks through the day for this and that. Before I leave the office I want to send her the form of my intentions for this 3 months and considerations around them.

After the hour with her was an hour with another participant in this program, Wendy Morris, who is also a tropical Pacific marine biologist, also worked with shrimp, living and working around the great barrier reef (GBR) in Australia. We told stories of our lives and my heart was absolutely singing as we put down the phone. If you go to her site, read the media stuff. Her business, at age 30, was one of the very first catamaran tour businesses in the GBR and she hired biologists who could combine doing research in these hard-to-reach places with earning money as part of her business. Brilliant. She’s doing other things now but you can just hear the whole Pacific ringing in her stories.

Meantime I got a phone call from a friend in Taiwan stirring up more thoughts about what Ecological Informatics might be doing in Taiwan.


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