Conceptual marketing pamphlet

Will I actually make this pamphlet? Dunno, but here’s an idea that tickles my fancy:

Today I was reminded of a brilliant pamphlet from a facilitation colleague
specializing in building participation in corporations. It’s something like this.

page 1, bold
Got some pestery problems that are slowing you down, and you need the answer YESTERDAY, and don’t know where the answer is? The good news is
that I’m pretty clear where it is! Wanna know?

page 2:
It’s in your staff, the people around you, and the stakeholders of this situation. The reality, however, is that if you’re like most organizations, “business as usual” means that this precise wisdom and knowledge are hidden, and difficult to access.

page 3:
The good news is that my expertise is in bringing these answers out and into practice.

page 4:
If you are interested, contact me to arrange a complementary consultation.

today it seems like something like this goes to my policies and procedures:
With me, the agreement is whatever we agree on. It’s all a conversation about what is needed, how valuable it is and what resources are available. Because life tends to happen the circumstances often (always?) change along the way.
As long as you receive growth and value, stay. When either of those change, notify me immediately and we’ll adjust our process or agree that the coaching is over for now.


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