What’s up with me – March 10

A couple people are asking me what’s up right now. Here are my inquiries of myself right now:

– If I make a healer’s business card to give to the epilepsy doctor at Rong Zong to give people with aches/pains that medicine doesn’t care for, what would it say?
– What do I really need to do to get all structures in place to care for this stream of clientale?

– I thrive on a certain type (spacious) of group energy, I see that I could be a lightening rod for that energy, and yet I’m not ready to name some issue that I stand behind 100% in terms of “leading a group”. (soundtrack: cowboy song about ‘don’t fence me in’) I see I could offer a very unique and powerful “empty center” for groups (biodiversity inventory people, coaches, healers, facilitators), while I go about living my life as a wanderer and healer and random engager … I THINK I could support groups via an internet site, ready to serve these individuals by holding the structure and best-technology tools within which they self-organize. HOW do I connect to the resources I need to do this? How do I structure it so as to attract ample energy and be self-sustaining? How do I link this with my strengths, making them stronger (Chinese, ability to interview “anyone”, sound files)

– REALLY, what is my most empowering stance as a person, regardless of the hat I wear (coach, magical teacher, healer, facilitator, student, wanderer, science paper editor, body care-taker)
– REALLY, what is my mission? If I narrowed the zillions of choices down to just one short phrase, what would it be?
– When being in a healing/healers state is so blissful, how might I bring more of that into my life?
– How do I promote without promoting?
– How do I get all the details cared for immaculately, and not all just by me?
– How do I feel about the fact that being in a coach/coach-trainer state is so stimulating?
– How could I move my Drupal site forward into it’s ideal state?
– How could I allow remote-scheduling/prep/payment for my bodywork and coaching? and once I’d worked out the mechanism, provide this as a service for others?


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