News Flash .. Evolve is Evolving!

Evolve coaching is a site that really has captured my attention, fueled by the dynamo do-er and weaver-of-words, Wendy Morris.

One of the best wave pictures — of all time — is on her home page, and if you click on it it gets even better. (soundtrack: my sigh as I recall)

I’ll name my prejudices here. She’s a biologist, a marine biologist, and a down-and-dirty walker of her talk. And not just an ocean person, she’s very specifically a Pacific Ocean person, with the spirit of Hawaii in her blood.

She writes

On the edge of the wave is a zone of dynamic stability – where creativity thrives as the constant flux and flow of smooth water reaches the tipping point of collapse. Always changing, always the same.

Its art to ride that fine line between chaos and order, that lip of the wave where creative action lives with vibrant intensity – to skim the edge of the maelstrom supported only by the lightest, most functional framework.

… and as an outrig canoe paddler, I think she knows and fully embodies that which she speaks.

Sigh. (again) Check it out.


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