Daily Practices

Daily practices build habits, they literally re-wire us so we can do things “on automatic”.

How do we direct this natural process?

We can introduce some intentional practices around what now comes unnaturally to us, that we want to make “natural.

This entry will be built over time. Please make suggestions of examples you know of! And I’ll bop more things here as they come up. For now, this gets me started.

Intentional practices to build habits

once you’ve figured or what you’re doing the practice for the sake of, then the practice can reveal itself … or ask a friend or your coach to help you come up with a suitable one – just enough of a stretch to be do-able and build new neural networks.

  • to center and ground – single-leg yoga standing pose for 15 min/day (I did this for 8 months daily a couple years ago … big difference)
  • Carolyn Myss’s morning practice (just noticed this, and that’s what reminded me I’d like to build this topic)
  • daily journaling (can be answering an inquiry on a daily basis, from the life input of that day)
  • exercise routine
  • reading and/or writing poetry
  • play (Jung said all adults should play at least an hour a day. I heard he had a sandbox in his house … and wonder how that worked)
  • ?

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