Film Stuff – husband & buddies

I’ve learned to blog roll!

This morning I was adding the various video/film/animation internet entities (the musical he’s been writing the last year is someone else’s project so no links so far… pity, there’s a lot of very clever stuff there) that my husband – Paul Barlow (aka Norman Szabo) and his buddies have.

My reaction to his work? It varies. On the one hand I’m constantly amused/impressed. Sometimes that impression takes the form of de-energized confusion [mantra: I’m not him].

But all this happens directly from a sense of passion and responsibility. Only occasionally is there actually any financial incentive, and yet it makes nary a difference. I find THAT totally admirable. It’s what he cares about, it’s who he is, and he’s adjusted his life so this suits him perfectly.

His “work” job is scientific research writing. If it takes more than 6 hours of his week he gets very very restless. Can this be called work? Why not!

Husband’s internet entities: Abelard and Heloise / RGB Films / Wobblehead Studio / Dignity Films


TCLin, for example

In other news, Chen Shui-bian seems to have … realized that he can now be the kind of president he has always wanted to be, i.e. the kind of president that he and his party spent a great deal of time and effort over the course of many years convincing moderate voters he wouldn’t be so that they would vote for him. Now that he doesn’t need the votes and [is] a bit short in the legacy department …  he’s been keeping busy changing the names of the airport, the post office, stamps, companies that have “China” or “Chinese” in their names, and getting rid of the memory of Chiang Kai-shek …  and tearing down the lovely shady verandas and ornate gates we’ve enjoyed for nearly three decades. Why not just let the missiles do the job for free?…

Darrell Gallant, for example

In other news Norman Szabo and I have been busy working on a number of short video projects including Living the Dream and TENCOM. More on these projects and hopefully video coming soon.
In the music department I’ve recently recorded and mixed 19 songs for a classical music CD for Patricia Sands. This was our second project together.
Other news worthy items include the recent purchase of a Panasonic DVX100A video camera. This is an excellent camera with many advanced features that help independent film makers get that filmic look. Again, check out TC’s blog for frame grabs to see what this camera is capable of.
The Images section of the DepthWish.Com has been divided into two sections with new photographs added. The other section contains Illustration type work created with 3D software and photoshop.

Renegade Province Productions
Life’s interesting.

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