Excited about Sound Files on web pages

sample web page:  open style, person’s picture,  lots of sound files, easy to see/hearI’d like to use something like this for

** Sound Files I record, like: Motivational readings from the book Until Today I have a client who thrives on this book and I love to read for her. She could listen/download any time. AND give me feedback or make requests. // Poetry & quotes (like quote for the day, by category that I could deliver onto a client’s interface // Visualizations — voice to guide deep inner work // exercise sound files … guided exercises … 5 Tibetans, ITP Kata, sun salutation … whatever // Progressive relaxation texts (different times, background sounds, language) //sound files to support workshops I’m delivering … interview with the teacher before they come // Daily meditation, read teh Tao of the day message // INTERVIEWS Chia Heng, Neesha, Norman Szabo (for my AboutTaiwan idea), students from my previous English Scientific Reading classes. The future of Taiwan is open to them. // trial sessions (for me to review and learn from … for the client if they ask for them) // Ted R. Actually I’d like to offer him his own web stage to follow the progress of his music projects. * record our conversations. he can review them and notice // Janet’s life stories – the process of grieving and how it varies // Conversations w/ Wendy

A COMMUNITY SERVICE-type page. Introducing Voice Actors in Taiwan (I’m one)

Studios could quickly hear/see who’s who and pick what they want for a job. I could say SPECIFICALLY what kind of job I want, and others could, too. We voice actors could more easily refer each other to perfect spots. It could help everyone with work and networking.

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