Setting subconscious intention

Talking today with my friend Jim, a hypnotherapist,  I mentioned that I had a headache (poor quality breakfast it seems), I had a lot of work to do and I was getting ready to do a progressive relaxation (PR) and a nap, hoping to wake fresh and clear. His suggestion was this.

1.  set my day’s goals
2. set an intention*
3. do progressive relaxation, and nap
The intention (*) taps into unconscious mind, with its greater memory. The wording can be like this:

I will only wake when my unconscious mind

* knows it can accomplish the goals and
* knows how it will accomplish the goals and
* agrees to acomplish the goals in a way that’s perfect for me.

You could add other intentions, like allow the mind to mentally complete some work so the actual steps will be more straightforward.

And then I’ll open my eyes, smiling bright, energetic, knowing full well I’ll be able to complete all the goals.

He says that when he then wakes, smiling it’s a reminder that all this has, indeed taken place.

Today, in my little experiment after his call, I indeed woke very clear. I think I have a new tool to experiment with in the next few days.


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