6 Questions from the Nexus Meeting

Nexus, a change process meeting is going on right now in the USA. I thought of going and have 2 friends who are there. There is a reporter blogging from the meetings.

Peggy has bold and ambitious aspirations for the event – she says there is no point in thinking small! People are bringing wide ranges of expectations, and her personal hope is that the Nexus creates a space big enough to explore all aspects of the field and its potential, as well as the practical aspects so that a broader difference can be made in all settings.

On the first entry of the meeting there was this on questions:

Planning for the Nexus began last September; its inspiration came from the second edition of the Change Handbook. Planners focused their work on six questions:

  1. What is emerging among us?
  2. What can we understand about the basic patterns present?
  3. What new patterns are there for research and education?
  4. What do we need to know more about?
  5. How do we serve a world in crisis?
  6. How do we operate as a community of practice?

And this from before:

‘change’ might be the wrong word. It will be an enormous step to know what the ‘organisation is’, ‘what the organiation drives’ and ‘how to develop the organisation’. Together with Mario Brouwer, a market researcher, we build a model called Energy8. The objective: measure the energy within organisations. The model is based on the theory of complex living systems, archetypes and appreciative inquiry. Integrating these ideas delivered results which are rather surprising.

What we measure and experience in practice? Organisations seemed to have one or two dominant archetypes, energies or identities. The identity is the sum of the people who work in an organisation. Even more suprising! Managers, consultants and change agents unconsciously try to ‘change’ these identities to other identities based on good practice, management theory or market demands. To understand the risk of such an approach we often use the metaphor of a human being! It is like replacing the soul with …
We promote a different approach: develop the current identity based on creating understanding (dialogue) about what the organisation is, what the organisation drives and how the organisation can develop. From this you can change the behaviour, business processes, competencies while keeping the identity intact.

After building, refining and optimising the Energy8 tool in the last two years we started to train change agents using the Energy8 tool in their work. If you are interested in reading more about our ideas and the Energy8 tool go to www.energy8.eu or if you want to register for a training go to energy8 training


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