Read Dream Catcher, Says Angela

In this morning’s cICA class (Creating confidence AC1) I was talking about I consider that everyone and every part of each of us having “a piece of the puzzle’ and only when each piece is seen can the whole puzzle be revealed.

To this she said, Jane, you’d like the book Dream Catcher. So I’ve been reading bits and pieces inside Amazon this afternoon. Yep. One idea there is story circles. I’ll add this to my list of circles I’ve run — wisdom circles, dialogue circles, healing circles, healer circles … story circles.

Shall we dream the future in words, first? (coaching question that came to me from this reading)

“I began to see how the story that gets 1 person through offers a map that gets more of us through.”

“…new stories lay the future for a new world.” I read this in the Christina Baldwin book. When I read it I realized it was already mine. And then I see her title “Calling the Circle” and know this is very much me.

What is the story you are tending, the one you’ll never let be put out? Let’s start there. Tell me that story. (thanks Angela!)

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