“When Jesus TOOK the wheel” parody

OK. Paul’s (my husbum’s) sense of humor suits parody. He’s the author of a series of poor-taste Hallmark-ish messages called (of course) Vestibule Stains. When I find some of those (over 10 years ago) I’ll post them somewhere. He’s clever. A lot of what he writes in this vein kinda wrenches my stomach but, he IS clever.

So, 2 days ago he heard a country and western song “Jesus Take the Wheel” It’s on YouTube. Darrel’s buddy in Canada wrote the music so Darrel showed it to Paul. It’s full-on sentimental, overblown. Now, Paul being who he is he realized it was “dying for a parody”. Now 2 days later, I think he’s about ready to upload his version to YouTube. When he does, I’ll put a link HERE. And the link on his Dignity site.

We have different tastes, true. But his ability to be productive and creative and fast … in a complex process, really takes my breath away.

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