Coach Meghann 070313

Today I had my 3rd coach/trainer session with MM, a classmate of mine at ICA. AT the same time she’s getting certified as a personal trainer, so we’re putting the 2 together. Wow, what a different slant on coaching.

One, I give her a lot of power to influence me. I give it because she’s earned it. This is also an area of my life I am very clear I’m a beginner. OK .. truth… I know the body from a craniosacral point of view, but not from a gym point of view. With Meghann, I started in a state of high trust toward her. As we interact, it’s just gone up from there.

Last week’s session began with “tell me 3 wins from the week”. Only after we spent a lot of time there did we move to “challenges” and working on those. This week, in the update I mentioned I’d not gone to the pool at all (intended to go twice). When she asked me to give reasons, my heart sunk.

What we spent time examining today was my sense of “negotiating with myself” almost every day about what I will do and when I will do it. I’ve created a very very open and flexible lifestyle. The up is how quickly I can respond to things I determine to be high priority. The down is this sense that “I could do it anytime” leading to some things getting shifted around and around on my schedule until they get done … no time.

My observation for the next week is this “negotiating self.”

– when’s it show up, what’s it say, when do I need to speak back and what kind of pushing back is most effective?

Right now the strongest push-back statement I can imagine is simply “this is a poor use of my resources.”

Other news: Taipei City has a system of EXCELLENT gyms and community centers. 5 min from my studio is the ZhongZheng (“JJ”) Activity Center. It’s new. It’s clean. It’s exceptionally well-managed. There’s a Barista coffeeshop on the 1st floor, an olympic pool in B1 and a well-equipped gym on the 2nd floor.

The pool is really a pool complex, with many additional pools … hot, warm, kids, spa massage pools, icey as well as steam and sauna rooms for women, and another set for men (that’s 4!). Olympic pool lanes are very well marked as to what goes on inside each, so when I went there was no awkward bumping of swimmers.

There are free services in the gym: personal health assessment, 3 hours free 1-on-1 personal trainer sessions. !!!

For next week I’ll be doing my daily routine first thing each morning (part kata, part 5 Tibetans and part a yoga stretch and mental exercise), 4 trips to the activity center, buy a 1-month ticket and sign up for the 3 hours with personal trainer.
It may be true that I’m in good condition, but with this I really intend to rack it up a notch. It really makes a huge difference to have polished physical condition.

As brownie points, I’m thinking of checking out bike routes (1 or 2 at 10 miles and 20 miles, each) so when I have an hour I know exactly how to use it.


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