Dialogue Class Coming Up

This class is being offered in Taiwan by ICA – Institute of Cultural Affairs. It’s a glorious weekend workshop that can feel like a long and much-needed vacation. if you are at all thinking about deepening your communication skills, I strongly recommend this.




13 evening, 14, 15 April 2007

文化事業學會(ICA, the Institute of Cultural Affairs Taiwan)主辦

深度匯談是一種深層的對話,讓我們探索自己是如何架構與詮釋自己的日常經驗。深度匯談是在互相尊重的環境中保有持續地探詢。 深度匯談創造了一個團體的空間,在這個空間中,團隊成員能夠探索一些未曾討論過的議題、安心的表達想法與感覺。深度匯談能夠帶領你及團隊成員走出經常導致誤解與溝通不良之癱瘓現象如:對/錯、我們/他們、贏/輸。


  • 深度匯談建立豐富與堅強您的生活與工作、個人與生命的關係
  • 深度匯談幫助您獲得組織內的創意
  • 深度匯談的技巧幫助您以增進瞭解、激發承諾的方式提倡自己的想法
  • 深度匯談可增加對不同看法的接納度而非對立場的辯護與抗拒

深度匯談入門課程 提供能夠帶來團隊成員的瞭解與承諾的技巧與動機,讓團隊共同克服困難議題。它能夠建立信任、加強關係,同時兼顧最好的想法與促進不同立場的合作。
星期五晚上: (一個單元) 傾聽與自我覺察技巧:在我們建立團隊一體感的過程當中,將同時體驗並瞭解深度匯談的觀念與組織學習的概念。
星期六整天: (三個單元) 練習探詢與主張:我們將介紹一種方法叫做「澄心委員會」(clearness committee)在小組當中探究探詢與主張的意涵。我們將同時檢視不同的格式與做法。
星期天: (兩個單元) 金魚缸練習與實際操作技巧:我們將介紹引進深度匯談到工作崗位上的方法以增進實務應用能力。我們將針對日常生活中的情境,做個人與團隊的練習。
費用: 新台幣壹萬元



Conversation as a Core Learning Process

13 evening, 14, 15 April 2007

Conducted by the Institute of Cultural Affairs Taiwan

Dialogue is an in depth conversation into the assumptions that structure and interpret our everyday experiences. Dialogue is a sustained inquiry held in an environment of mutual respect. Dialogue creates a group field in which members explore potentially un-discussable issues and are able to express their thoughts and feelings without fear. Dialogue moves a group beyond polarized “right/wrong”, “us/them”, “win/lose” thinking that leads to misunderstanding and communication breakdown.
Dialogue produces a deep shared understanding that ultimately helps a group make faster decisions that are better informed, with a stronger commitment to follow through than usual team learning approaches which focus primarily on problem solving and decision making..

For individuals

  • Dialogue helps create rich work-life relationships and strong personal-life relationships.
  • Dialogue increases access to innovation inside your organization.
  • Dialogue skills help you to advocate ideas in ways that generate understanding and commitment.
  • Dialogue helps develop buy-in instead of defensiveness and resistance.

Introduction to Dialogue offers the skills and motivation to work through tough issues in ways that bring shared understanding and commitment. It builds trust, strengthens relationships, and secures the best thinking as well as new cooperation of all parties.

During the six sessions we review the theories about why dialogue is such a powerful personal and team-learning tool. We use ourselves as a learning team to develop practical dialogue skills for use in your own organizations and communities.
Friday Night: (1 session) Skills in Listening + Awareness: As we build a sense of community, concepts of dialogue and organizational learning are experienced and understood.

Saturday: (3 sessions) Practicing Inquiry and Advocacy: We introduce a practice “clearness committee” in small groups with actual individual issues as a focus.

Sunday: (2 sessions) Fishbowl and Operational Skills: We introduce practical examples of dialogue in the workplace, demonstrating as individuals and teams how to utilize dialogue in everyday situations.

Venue: National Farmers Training Center, 113 Chung Shan N. Rd. Sec 7 Tien Mou in Taipei
Cost: NT$ 10, 000

    Lunch and dinner are provided on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

To register send your Name, Company, Address, Phone, Fax and email address to icamail@icatw.com

Registration Form 報名表

Send to Gail West, 3F, No. 12, Lane 5, Tien Mou West Road, Taipei

請寄到: 111台北市士林區天母西路五巷十二號三樓

Phone 電話 2871-3150 Fax 傳真 2871-2870
電子郵件 icamail@icatw.com

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