Train the Trainer at cICA

There’s a new offering of train the trainer starting March 27. I’ve just signed up and to capture my thoughts around this. It’s 6 weeks, 1-hour a week in classes. All this circle work I’ve done since 1999… and all these ideas for events where the logistics were getting my de-motivated… HERE’s where it might open up in flexibility by going virtual!


While in the training I design and schedule (and deliver?) 2 teleconferences, 1 with a BodyTalk teacher I’m bringing to Taiwan in May (Karla Kadlec) and 1 on another topic. I work on how to have my own ongoing wisdom circle as a teleconference and I design a follow-up call for the BodyTalk trainings. After the training I intend to bring teleclasses into my overall toolbox and strategy planning. I intend to become familiar with the particular characteristics of different teleconference lines and


– group virtual translation workshops — How would I do this on-line? Web site holding place. People check the web. Then call in, check in, claim a piece of the work. Form buddy groups to work together. Ongoing support is available throughout the period. People post their results. We have a meetback time for everyone to go over the whole results and make final comments.

– open space technology meetings online — facilitator = teleconference leader
– on-line workshops / guided conversations / PSP classes
– facilitation skills call-in
– bodywork skills call-in
– home-bound end of life weekly wisdom circle
– healing circle call
– healers’ circle call
– Facilitators’ Toolkit –  The Body as a Tool
– The body as a missing piece of the facilitation puzzle
– Subtle practices and skills to bring the facilitator’s body into facilitation
– Facilitators as Healers
– Healers’ community
– Facilitation community
– digital technologies to share
– Interview project check-in
– group coaching
– all collaborator groups I’m in — my support team, project specific teams (invited workshops, translators, my office elves!)
STRENGTHS – I’ve been a teacher almost 50 years. I love convening groups around an intention, esp where everyone can be engaged and their wisdom come out. facilitation skills. coaching skills. way many ideas on events and no interest in all the room rentals, getting their and back, etc. Spectacular location to do the calls from where I have huge vista of sky, ocean and hills. I could post an in-the-minute picture of the scene I’m calling from! LOVE group conversations (dialogue/group discovery)

WEAKNESSES – I’m used to thinking SO much and having it not pan out. my habits of expecting it’ll take too much from me to pull it off. Inertia.

OPPORTUNITIES – be known for ability to hold teleconference meetings. Meeting facilitator on the phone.

THREATS – restless with too many ideas generated before enough are actualized


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