“Is it time for the UK to get nasty?” letter

This is in response to a leader in the Telegraph by Simon Heffer, who argues that Britain is not being ‘nasty’ enough —

Mr Heffer wonders “whether it might not be time for us to get as nasty with other countries as they do with us”, and he’s right, of course. The question is, just how nasty should we get? Invading and occupying a sovereign state under false pretenses and at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives obviously isn’t nasty enough, but should we really go so far as to kidnap a handful of foreign nationals and put them on the telly?

The ends may justify the means, Mr Heffer, but as a presumably civilized person, surely you are not seriously proposing that we should start acting as heinously as that?
Posted by G. Baltar on March 31, 2007 2:46 AM

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