Status April 1

Whew! April is here. And I wonder where am I now… so here’s a brainstorm list to answer

2 reports ongoing / mellow sense of well-being regained yesterday, sigh / buildings demolished across the street last week and now rubble is shipping out (3rd day) / air con came on last 2 nights but morning air cooler than air con’ed studio this morning / now 6:30a, soft foggy quietness (except rubble machines) / 2 trial sessions intended for next week / reports intended in today / ChiaHeng scheduled for tomorrow / missed last 2 choir times, including performance – guilty! what action is this calling for?/ Taichung intended for next week / BodyTalk meeting Tues morning w/ 2 new people / group enrolled for BodyTalk workshops in May / started new round with coachDeb yesterday / bigger group contacted for “Board of Directors” which I envision as monthly Openspacetechnology meeting everyone invited / worked on network list / found WriteBoard collaboration area /  Paul shattered entropy with Keelung house, worked on entrance room 3 days March / I have III connection w/ reports, translations, conversations / booked for April 11 Facilitation Forum / plan for ~18th teleconference w/ Karla on BodyTalk / Ripley and Chiao as key “get-things-done” buddies / yesterday person who doesn’t know me says she thinks I want a secretary ha! / scheduled coffee with her / last week cancelled things left and right, including my Supervised Coaching slot / now scheduled for 2 laser-coaching times April 25 / camera back into habit of carrying / contact w/ Peggy / 2 weeks email coaching w/ Meghann / Sraban not a matching style / 2 new c/s clients in March / active healing circle conversation / swim and 4 visits to gym / Jim has more medical papers — do I want? / QiGong group Sunday night / loaned a zen book / burst of work on my body now “softening” / bike w/ cyclometer constantly last 2 weeks / usually at least 1 meal a day w PB / weekly calls w/ ma – she’s starting my quilt, husband is 90yo and just this month becoming v sedentary (time to visit home soon) / Paul’s mom looking at foot surgery to walk more comfortably / I’ve been stirring up for a translation support team / Chiao and I discussing daily phonecall for chinese and schedule


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