Week Review March 18


17 S locked on roof. Paul sleeping w/ phone off. morning together. hamburger 10:30 (yuck – bad head) office. heavy, tired. +/- Taichung. Long talk w/ Jim. PR + nap. <avoid report>

18 S cancer client for craniosacral/coaching. dinner PB. cICA get-together (Jorie has joined!). qigong. 1pm done.

19 M wow.

20 T no call w/ MM (grandpa died car accident) Join discussion in govt office about offering Chinese language study to foreigners. Possible self-organizing 2-day meeting early May. Very exciting.

21 W Interview head of training for major convenience store in Taiwan. Follow-up. Bongo’s 2nd restaurant for early dinner with paul. Very fatty. Sharp pain in liver(?).

22 Th Cancel peer coach. Sense that it’s too much work.ICC lunch practice. 1:30 -2:40 gym trainer session on lower half of body. Barely could bike over 20 km/hr going back to office (usually near 30). Arrived and started getting a cold, realize I’ve had tiny little symptoms for the last day and did nothing.

23 F 4am not up. 5:30am up for coaching w/ Kristin. elves. 11:30 gym (2nd of 3 training sessions – upper body)

24 S

Work of the week

Translation/re-packaging for Brandon Hall Award entry

Sights of the week: Jesus Rainbow

people: Sraban Janet Wendy PatC KarenCis PaulB ChiaoZhi DebR DebK


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