Round 2 –> 3 of “YouTube Idol”

“There are 41 contestants vying for the title of YouTube Idol!”

… and my husband is one of them. Who wudda thunk?

here’s his round 2 entry about a comic super hero. He’s done part of this movie and stopped working on it about a year ago. Round 3 (just up 4-25pm) needs to be a capella, and from a movie. (4-28 he posted another version of the same song with all the musical bits … all him, and the new movie effect he discovered Thursday).

Fortunately the YouTube contest sponsor didn’t say a movie that’s been completed, so he’s doing a song he wrote for the movie not yet out that started as LadyX, and now has a different working title Paradigm X, and is now in post-production. In any case, for all kinds of reasons, his song never had a realistic chance of being used and it was written mostly for his own satisfaction. I love how he just flows with the circumstances, to hone his craft/passion.

The YouTube thing gives him a convenient and motivating structure to put out a few of his songs. He used to be in punk bands in college – wish I could put a link … it’s really really… um, punk and noisey. Now, as with me, music has somehow snuck back at him. For him, it’s as an extension of movie screenplays he’s been writing. Digital sound production is something he’s really handy at, as well (obviously, from the movie stuff) as image production.

He’s now doing the book/lyrics for a musical about a 17th C Dutch sailor in Taiwan. Based on true Taiwan history not true characters.


Log line: In the chaos of 17th century Asia, in the last days of a doomed
colony, a Dutchman struggles to shelter his only son from native
rebels, an invading Chinese army, and the demands of a ruthless leader.

and … here’s a movie from 3 years ago that he just posted to YouTube. Stuff about people’s craving for “high-productivity” and “success.” Joke is (sortof) that I’m myself very interested in what’s called “Brain-based coaching”. Yes it does hint of this movie. The movie points to obvious inappropriate extensions of this thought.

So, what insights do I get here about coaching?

– look around for the structure that really works

– linking people to their passion/values and all kinds of limits simply disappear (his parody “Jesus Took the Wheel” was written, produced and posted within 2 days of hearing the original song, written by a buddy of a buddy)

– people doing what they love doing are very very attractive (very nice attribute in a husband, in my opinion) … even if the actual thing they are doing isn’t one’s own cup of tea.


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