My Mom’s Quilt for me

My mother makes quilts. Lots of them. She’s been doing it for … maybe 20 years. We have one in our house on the hill in Keelung … the house that looks over the ocean and used to be a maintenance building for a radio building used to communicate with fishing boats before mobile phones came on the scene. Then it was abandoned for 15 years. Then we bought it, almost 15 years ago. Great view. Far from where I spend most days now, though.
Now I have a studio in the city of Taipei. The rapid transit has been building the subway station right in front of my studio since I rented in August. It’s supposed to be opened in 4 years or so. One of the exits is next to my building, so from the roof I can look down on that construction, too. Very different view. I like it all the same. It changes every second, like the ocean. Monday morning I woke to the ocean in Keelung. Both places have great views.

This place, however, has no quilt. My mother decided a couple months ago to do something about that.

In this morning’s phone call, my mom tells me she’s just done the 2nd turn on the quilting frame, so it’s a straight shot from here on out. All the “chaos” in the process happens before this … buying material, piecing it, seeing how it all looks, putting on the border and seeing how that changes everything, attaching the batting and backing.. then getting it into the frame.

At some point I’ll learn how to attach images here and keep y’all posted.

Thanks, mother!

This morning I found that a “bootcamp” for voice acting that I’ve been interested in is now scheduled for early June. It’s near New York City, an 8+ hour drive from my mom’s place.

I * wonder * if that might be a nice time for a trip. Trips to the US are big deals, taking a lot of energy. Paul’s not left Taiwan for about 4 years when he got US citizenship (he’s also British). I seem to leave twice a year for somewhere. Until today I expected my next trip would be September, 3 craniosacral weeks in Germany, via a couple weeks at my mom’s. Now I wonder if this year is again 2 trips, both via my mom’s. A part of me just wants to stay put and by quiet.

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