My version of migraine

How many people can be sick and not know it? Probably a lot. Now it’s Monday morning and I’m definitely in a post-sick state. Weekend was some form of sick. My thought was messed up, walking was hard. This wasn’t just tired. technically, the word migraine covers what it was, because there was a mind-scramble element, but that’s a bit of a cop-out. It wasn’t full-out mind-scramble (had this before) but it was that same general category of mental disruption. Dull head, drained energy most of the weekend. Dull headache with a center that moved above, below and into my rt eye.  Managed to loose, then regain, both keys and mobile phone. Keys with a friend (Roger – left them in his car Sat 1pm and Sun heard his message of Sat 3pm into my mobile saying call him). Mobile … Sun 2:30pm coming back from the dream workshop on subway I tried to settle my head by meditating. “Very aware” of stops, not asleep, but also not awake enough to notice my own stop. Got off at next one (WanLong) then headed back 1 stop to the university. Called Paul after a 1+ hr nap in my office and another hr reading w/ an acupuncture needle in the top of my head (felt great, some circuit being completed). He stayed in Keelung all day. Told him my state, and that the phone was missing, could he call the mobile and tell me what happened? He called and said go to the WanLong MRT station with my ID. Did. After all the paperwork was completed I asked the nice man if he heard where I’d left the phone. He said “on the train, but the person who discovered it back had seen me get on at the Wan Long station, so they brought it back here.” (don’t know who “they” is, probably MRT staff, but when I first heard, it sounded like the passenger). Other funny part was him, in his “service cage” reaching behind him to get the mobile phone and paperwork (in plain sight) from a counter, putting it on his lap, out of view and turning back to me to ask “what color is your mobile phone?” (big smile) “That color!” He laughed and we dropped pretense. Monday morning and I’m spacey – the kind of spacey that comes after long or deep sickness. So I was “functionally sick” and now I think I’m functionally … appreciative. Time to pick up the pieces. Almost 8 am. Getting in the flow of the day will help.

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