1st class day over

Classes these 5 days go from 9am – 6:30 pm. today was day #1. I missed breakfast this morning as it took over a full hour to go from the hostel to class. Then, accidentally, I only had noodles for lunch (thought it was a set meal) and I had to walk down the hill to town center to get some raw vegetables to keep myself together. all morning was listening to Ka’imi talk which was all very nice, but my head was going off. afternoon was more practice and right at the end I was demo #2 of the class. balanced Sphenobasilar joint (felt it right awayin my eyes) to thymus. Ka’imi told me my paricardial ligament freed and pelvis released, and sure enough as I stood to walk away, that’s what it felt like. after a minute I was swimming in feeling and sat for a while to balance. very powerful. Ka’imi’s touch is quite alert-making. I felt really lucky to be the demo for the Yes/No testing cause I could feel exactly what he was talking about. Now, however it’s 8pm. I’ve just got in and I’m shot! Out for dinner and an early evening. My dream is to walk to the train station tomorrow… Osaka is very very confusing. I wish I’d brought my bike! next time… I”m in the right place, for sure.

You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.(bottom of roshin’s email)


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