Skype talk with Kim

I’m really lucky to still be connected over this 17 years with the lab I left at University of Hawaii Botany Department. Kent (Kim) Bridges and Stephen Itoga (was head of UH Library and Information Sciences) generate a huge amount of practical visionary energy and I join them in conversations and projects whenever it works out.

Just now I got off the Skype phone with Kim (I’m in a Dante coffeeshop in Taipei, he’s at his office in Manoa valley) and here are a few highlights:

– on his way to Chicago and the Ethnobotany meetings there, back via a layover in SanFrancisco which happens to be on Nancy’s (his partner’s) 50th birthday. They live very eventful lives!

– The Center for Dispersed Disciplines is stirring up more and more energy. It may be related to Ecological Informatics – the non-profit side of what might be happening.

– Football project – an outgrowth of the pods program some 10 years ago. The idea is that a case is put together and maintained where guests can be handed all they need in one packet (mobile phone w/  plenty of $, computer, GPS, agenda, contact info… etc. all in 1 ready-to-use packet)

– carbon diversion project. Michael Lurvey. How do you link in with the airlines to balance the carbon of each flight with local projects. How do you sequester it?

– Sy Sohmer is a major player in botanical networking and getting things done. Last I spoke with him about inventorying the western Pacific I got a huge amount of energy. He was President of the Hawaiian Botanical Society in the year before me. Feels like a funny connection to share with such an achiever.

– The Ethnobotany curriculum at UH is being revamped and systematized.

– The proposal seminar in Botany is developing into a much much more appreciative learning and social event.

Technical info

– Nokia N800 is his new travel computer where he can get email but it also has a built in camera and microphone for phone calls.  With bluetooth keyboard.

– big monitors .. 24inch only about 700 USD (Gateway)

– the annual computer expo in Taipei is really heating up.. GPS world is going crazy and Taiwan is flexing its muscles (wonder what that means?)

– could get a headset for my computer to do skype from noisey coffeeshops without any of the noise.


– They’ve moved near UH now with Nancy’s dad (85 with short-term memory issues).

– Nancy’s 50th birthday coming up next week. Nancy is one of those people I have a quiet and enduring respect for. She’s a surgeon.

I’m wondering how to have these conversations more often. I get so much energy and connection. He’s asked for my insights from the standpoint of a facilitator. With all their DO-ing I’d love to contribute a point of view.


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