Why does OST work?

There’s quite a rich discussion that I’m reading on what REALLY makes OST work. Here are some slightly edited bits… that speak to me.

” …In voluntary emergent systems there are normally micro rules that allow for self organization to emerge at a macro level.

When we ask “Why does OST work?” lots of micro rules are “imposed” in OST, perhaps by design.

– invitation is one of those.
others are maybe so evident that we don’t think about them.

* Like diversity (the invitation being sent to all the interested stakeholders).

* Like the circle in all types of sessions (allowing for equality and for conections/relationships, etc)

* The posting of themes (people are again invited, but not forced)

* The break out session procedures.

* The law of two feet.

What I would NOT consider as “foundations of OST” … are the so called principles. If they exist at all, I think they are a macro effect of the foundations.

They occur (as many other astonishing things) when some very easy and simple micro rules are followed. May I call this micro rules the real foundations of OST?


“For me, the practice of opening space brings consciousness to the
self-organization that is evolution at work.”

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