What’s up June 8?

A couple friends are asking me what’s up. Often I notice what emails I write that have lots of information in them and I copy them to the blog and clean them up a bit. I guess it could work the other way around. I must say it helps writing to have in mind a particular person I’m writing for, and then just decide to share it with others.

So, I guess this will be sortof brainstorm-fashion.

The month past: Han-Ching went for post-doctoral year in Japan. I placed an ad for assistant with Chinese. LOTS answers. Stimulating but a bit overwhelm. About 4 people I see a way to work with into the future. [need to focus in and get these happening soon] Canadian healing guest Karla Kadlec from Calgary May 9-22 (when I left before her). May 21 voice recording in the morning. Only 4 voices and Karla was another. I was in Osaka May 22-28 doing the 2 basic level BodyTalk classes with Ka’imi Pilpovich. Coming back I’ve offered free BodyTalk sessions until June 12, then donation basis, then charging when I’m ready. So far I’ve done about 20, I guess.

Also in the last month, an Open Space meeting with a large non-profit (May 15-16). BodyTalk Access 1-day classes in Taipei (May 11+12, and 19) and Taichung (May 20).  Lots of demos and individual seesions booked for Karla. Karla’s husband Kai arrived 20th. The ICC year-end concert in a church in Taipei (May 13). 21st was Paul’s birthday party (he announced he’s decided to be 12 this year). Paul started to work on another adolescent-humor video (stupid conversation and jokes about bottoms, as he says) and it’s going in a way that totally pleases him. For me, I notice how smooth his process is. Jim visited once or twice and I had lunch once and dinner once. He was a big help in our idea for the Kaohsiung class, which eventually was cancelled. Taichung class was a really lovely location, as was Taipei. Great people all occassions. Aven helped arrange the Taipei space as well as introduce us to a Fire Dept. trainer for our demo there.

Big help in the last month: Karla, Kai, Aven, Ripley, Winnie, ET, Chiao, Jim, ShuYu, Dick (I’m sure there are others, these are who pop into my mind in this brainstorm)

Clear directions forward: intend for Karla to come again next April, and maybe before (November). Work with Ka’imi on materials to translate for next April. Chiao offered to begin to translate Ch2 of HOL. “test case” with person who offered language help to  do an ad + info brochure in Chinese. The BodyTalk work (as Karla practices it) combined with my cranial background feels very very appropriate to me. Results so far are really good. Recently I’ve been in NTU hospital 3 days in a row working with a friend’s sister with renal failure. Energy balancing as the main thing I do. If invited today I’ll do a full bodytalk session. The last 2 days, small amounts of work seem all that’s possible. She *looked* so much better yesterday. I’m attending dream workshops the next 2 weekends, tomorrow mid-island, and the following week in tienmu.

What’s up?

See if Ka’imi and I have some writing projects appropriate for us to do together in some way.

Start follow-up with Access students. Visit Roma, Gail. Offer practice and introduction to Access.

Join BodyTalk Association. Discuss how to begin the translation work for next April. The Access handbook, for example, could be brought to a point ready for final permission details.

Issues and Opportunities for sustainable creative enterprises — issues and opportunities for strong partnerships between managers and entrepreneurs.

ex: Open Space Places (Taiwan and abroad), small 10yo museum consulting and publication firm, arts workshop.


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