times of low energy

The following is a (pretty big) excerpt from a posting by Dean Hunt (UK guy into niche business). Unbeknownst to me I signed up for emails from him and this was in the first one. Coupl’a good coach lessons here. 1) What to do after you’re done 2) using energy to get energy.


Where to start?

Ok, almost one week ago [me and girlfriend]  found out that our house … was finally ready to move into. Over the weekend we cleaned and scrubbed…, and the house was starting to look less like a building site and more like our home.

On Sunday night we had a conversation that went a little something like this…

Me: You know what, the house still needs a lot of furnishing etc, but I think we could move in.
Elena: I agree


So 24 hours later we were in our new house. The house that has been the focus of our attention for the past three years.

Then a very unexpected question popped into my head… “NOW WHAT?”

I clearly needed a new focus, so I am now going to be doing what I like to call “Niche Cooking”.

Basically I don’t know how to cook, and I would love to learn. There is something very artistic about creating a great meal from raw ingredients, and unlike a painting it tastes great. However, becoming a top quality cook takes a lot of time, so I am putting my business knowledge to good use and am doing niche cooking. This means that I will be learning the recipes, techniques and ingredients from one specific type of cooking… I have chosen Thai food.

But then I realised that Thai food is not really very niche, it is actually a huge industry with millions of recipes and flavours, so I decided to focus only on the Thai recipes within my 240 page Thai cook book.

Wish me luck!

So what else has been going on? Well, this afternoon I was writing … for… blogs, and after about 4 posts I could feel my head starting to tire. Normally I would have struggled and tried to write one more post, but instead, I got up, went to the garden, and dived straight into our new swimming pool.

I came out feeling refreshed and energised, and upon returning to the PC my head was totally clear. Who would have thought that during times of low energy, using more energy helps give you more energy (try saying that fast).


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