Week of Dreams, bracketed by dreams

Dreams. (music for my week in this video Britich 6 year old singing Over the Rainbow)
This 5-day week is bracketed on both ends by 2-day dream workshops. Monday and Tuesday I seemed to be walking inside a dream I’d had early Monday morning.  Tuesday afternoon I spent with ShuFang in her sister’s hospital room talking about life. Then when I thought I was going out to follow up on a phone call about a used mobile phone + computer, instead I sat down at Starbucks in the hospital’s first floor to jump into what’s next for me. I do this through a particular ICA process (PSP for those who know) that lets me intuitively size up what’s happening and what it means in 5 different arenas (current situation, currently most burning version of my future, what’s currently operating that is contradictory to the vision, possible strategies for getting around that, actions I’m ready to take). In the coffeeshop I got the first one and organized bits of the 2nd one (got very think-y very soon) but it was a spectacular 2 hours. That’s when I noticed a woman lurking above me (thought it was a curious older chinese woman watching me, which used to be a common phenomenon) when she didn’t move I glanced up and it was my friend Antonia who I last saw 4 weeks ago the day after her PhD comprehensives. 3 minutes later came Dick. They happened to be meeting there to go off to a talk by a western Geshe (Tibetan monk) and his wife about the life they set up in New York City in the diamond trading industry after he left Tibet.

Dreams. After a great 1/2 hour with them mingling in the reception area of the lecture we split and I went back to my PSP for a couple hours.

Wednesday dinner with Paul was focused on him, his current movie for Channel 101, and how it’s going. As well as what to do when it’s done (a theme). He came up with an idea how a short like that could be used to connect with a production company that he could work with on an on-going basis. There were all kinds of ideas that stuck with me afterward as very good ideas and those may come to life another way another time by another person.

Yesterday — 3 hours of translating with Janet in the morning. It’s only our 3rd meeting. We are getting some pacing and some results from our work together. It’s slow, compared with other work I’ve been doing, but the results are very solid, so maybe not slow at all in the bigger picture. Fair to say that this work way is something I’d like to hone. Great having 3 hours of work behind me at 11 am. Then errands, lunch with Paul (pagoda) found the car’s battery was dead (after 3 days from last drive), back to office. Honda 2-4pm reading Tuesday’s with Morrie. Next time we do a mini-PSP to connect in with HIS dreams. Bodywork client that ended up being coaching client. I felt I was writing dreams, again, and asking dreams. Dinner with Paul was all about – him. Surprise! Then … day done. Reading Teacher Man sprawled out in my office at day’s end. Yum yum!

And now today – now 7am – what’s up is keeping the PSP alive and up front. That together with the day’s agenda of BodyTalk (and preping for it) in Tienmu,  and XinYi, then group mentoring tonight. There are the little matters of the car battery and door not working properly, the tax, today needing an income number be sent off to the USA. And the translation assistant who needs the transcript to get to work. I’m not even sure what it means to get my mind around the fact that the next 2 days are dream workshop. There are also 4 people who have said they want appointments and I’d best contact them, and seeing how I might help Olwen with her film assistant.

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