A stuck fishbone blocking creativity

“Probably a small thing, but when it’s removed all that creativity will flow.” These are the sorts of words one hears in the  spoken in the midst of a dream workshop. Words and words, the room is rich. The only one who knows what is diamonds and what is just fluff is the dreamer, and that knowing isn’t always (I discovered) immediate. My first dream into the goup was a very uncomfortable process. I figured it would be so. Cringe, cringe, cringe. People leaning in. I’m in charge and could have (and did at times) stopped or changed things … but the cringe is sometimes extremely valuable, too.

Ah … through an hour’s reflection from writing and posting the preceeding, I come up with… the fishbone is actually a wishbone, and I definitely don’t want to get rid of it. It tells me that my story of “what it’s about” is never what it’s really about. It stops all those from working, no matter how clever they are (actually the more clever they are, the more it stops them).

There’s more but it’s time to run off to today’s dream workshop. Today I realize it’s time to put together my own dream workshop.


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