“I don’t really know what you do.”

Three times in the last 24 hours, 6 times in the last 48 hours I heard this. So the simple answer is “neither do I”. The slightly longer answer is “I serve what is unfolding in YOU through a number of ways”. And a longer answer is below, from an email I just wrote.
I’m adverse to talking and giving labels before a first session, but like you say, you have no idea what I do and I want you to have ENOUGH of an idea to get huge value from the time. That’s my intention.

So, here are some of the names of things I do:


Your agenda … you in charge of process. Me like a guide at your side who knows some of the deadends and hidden traps in life process, and secret energy-giving places. I check in, ask questions, keep the path open, say what I see and feel, be very honest about what I see, not about “the truth”, connect you with your strengths and your intention. Flow with your flow.
Some people call my form of coaching spiritual coaching, but it seems to work in any setting (executive, business, personal, etc.) around any type of goal (making money, being a better boss/teacher/lover/mother living more fully, connecting with life’s purpose, BEing a monk, whatever).

BodyTalk  (my newest modality) – I have a 10 minute general balancing and re-connection protocol that I can build into a full hour session, there’s a neuromuscular connection process that taps into intuition and guides us to located weakened connections within you or in your interface with the environment and helps your response be stronger/more appropriate.

Craniosacral (my “specialty” body work). I’ve been doing this one for about 7 years. This one allows the body/mind/spirit to process and/or free itself of stress/burden. Some people use it for guiding dreams. It’s about grounding, centering and connecting with the deepest places of our internal guidance.

Reiki – I guess I always do this. It’s about feeling and opening up the flow in energy. I teach it and group classes (levels 1 and 2) will start in Taipei and maybe Taichung in the summer.

My news: I just got a delightful studio in Taichung just east of DongHai University, sharing space with a manual physical therapist. There aren’t many in Taiwan. It goes against the health care system to spend that much 1-on-1 time with clients. Also just met a “rebalancer” in Tainan. Frank. Delighted we managed to meet. Like rolphing, and other styles, this is deep tissue structural integration work that allows the body to re-align and relax out of old habits. Connecting with him feels like a gift. I’m  going to get 10 sessions with him as soon as possible after experiencing his 2-hour introductory session. I find it profound and perfect. Life feels different afterward. At the end, my body was much more solidly planted on the earth, my axes really going right through the center of my body, all tension was gone from my face. That was Thursday, 2 days ago, and today it still feels fresh and powerful.

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