Summer Solstice in Style

Woke up different today. Different body. Different prospects. LONG day yesterday started and ended in Taipei, but included 5 hours in Tainan doing a bodywork trade. Rebalancing and craniosacral makes for an interesting day. For me, 4.5 hours driving followed by 2 hours of rebalancing was a spectacular combination. Then absolutely buzzing with a deep deep sense of well-being and connectedness, I gave a craniosacral session. This is a great way to do a session, both for me and for him.  Amazing who is tucked away in Taiwan! And how would we have met except that I put a little notice of my work on the Tealit web site. Frank called May 22, while I was on the airport bus heading on my way to Japan. Great timing there, too. The rebalancing is like rolfing work … a full set of sessions is 10 – 7 to take you apart and 3 to put you back together again. Where do I sign up?

Then I drove to Taichung to check out possible space to use for my studio there. The short answer (since I’m running out of writing time) is that it feels perfect … the space, the location, the partner. I’m feeling very ready to engage this new possibility and see what unfolds.

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