Back to coaching

I watch how my time weaves in and out of the cICA, the coaching ICA. This distinguished it from the real ICA, real because it came in earlier in my life, the ICA that’s the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

Tomorrow I start a 6 week training in leading teleseminars. Last year about this time I took another special training in group coaching and haven’t used it formally since, but I’ve used lots of little parts of what I learned. I signed up for this one in March for reasons that are now lost to me. What I know is that, for now, I love the *image* of the flexibility of running groups by phone. This makes sense. It feels right. Bottom line will be when I start DOing it and how I continue to use it. It could be cICA it could be under my own umbrella.

I have a bit of trepidation about getting back into that phone world. It seems so different from the world I’ve been in the last month or so, but I feel sure it’s a right and solid next step. Class in 10 hours. Probably Karen Capello as trainer.


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