Looks like Alok’s well

Haven’t heard from Alok Hsu Guang Han for about 10 months and today I ran across this ad for a workshop he’ll do in Europe in August. I’d love to bring him here to do workshops.

Hodgepodge grabbings of writing about Alok:

September 27
The Creativity of Non-doing Demo & Preview of Workshop
theGallery at 910 www.thegalleryat910.com
Denver, Colorado
For further information:
call 303 815 1779
email: info@thegalleryat910.com
September 28, 29, 30
The Creativity of Non-doing Preview & Two-day Workshop
Naropa University  
Boulder, Colorado
For further information and registration:
303 245 4800
email: extended@naropa.edu

Alok is best known around the world for his singular work of creating Zen Calligraphic Portraits combined with exploration sessions for individuals, couples and organizations.
Alok Hsu Kwang-han | Zen Calligraphic Painter
Alok Hsu Kwang-han,born in China, obtained academic degrees in America in mathematics,theology, sociology and psychology of religion. He has taught sociology of religion and psychology of transcendence, and in China,translated and published 20 books on meditation. Around the world,Alok holds exhibitions and performs “living art” in museums and galleries,gives lectures and workshops on the “Creativity of Non-doing”,and paints Zen Calligraphic Portraits for individuals,couples,and organizations.

Zen Calligraphic Art
Alok Hsu Kwang-han is an internationally acclaimed and highly original Zen calligraphic painter from China. His art is a startling new synthesis of the beauty of Chinese calligraphy,the spontaneity of Zen,and the evolution of western psychotherapy. His paintings are not only unusual and striking in their beauty, they also convey an invitation for us to enter. Quietly entering the paintings, we come home to ourselves. With a few spontaneous brush strokes, Alok paints whatever subject is presented before him in the moment–heartful music, Japanese haikus,the essence of a particular individual,three jokes on the innocence of children, sayings of enlightened masters,a prayer for the healing of the world,or his beloved saying,”The heart always breaks!”


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