cICA’s Training Model

Today was the first of 6 “train the trainer” classes through cICA. The hour course was over in 1.5 hours and I stayed an extra 20 minutes talking with Bron. Lovely group. As always with ICA I feel like a part of a rich group and know I’ll learn a huge amount from other participants in the program. My fellow travellers in this process are Marco (also w Pacific), Ardiana, Lisa, Suzanna, Pabha, Chandra (a couple now in Naperville visiting grandchildren), Lasenda, and Sally Thompson who I only learned well into the call is an cICA person. Missing, but who registered for the class were Helen and Alex.

This training is about – connecting with the cICA training model – preparing what’s needed to present one’s own material in a teleclass format.

Bottom line for me in the class today was that I was impressed at how Bron had gotten a very comfortable language around what’s a difficult to transfer concept… the participative adult learner model. Other “take homes” from others on the call

– I’m in the right place! – adult learning model is really what I know and believe in but don’t verbalize … I buy into the toolkit instant gratification model you spoke of but I’m already out of that world – we keep learning every moment of our life – I’m at home. – excited to be introduced to the ICA Training Model.

So, the training model is

– create a safe space

– ask for the outcomes

– explain the competencies

– the conversation (where there’s story, talk, share, listen, gain, learn, build-on all happening naturally)

– reflection time (anyone wanna share some take-homes? share anything about today?) Whether or not what was received equaled what was expected.

And some of the values this is built on is: we all have something valuable to contribute, trust, respect, celebrate differences.

We had 2 take-home questions (which I re-wrote):
How would you distinguish group coaching, facilitation and training?
How do I (Jane) create a safe space?

These are worth their own entries.

Meanwhile, some of the words that stood out today as a hodge-podge that has meaning to me, are: phone offering, British in heart and more American mentally, intuitive coaching, really DO it and promote it, what product are you promoting?, I just want to get clarity, wealth of servicesinto an offering, learn by sharing, in corporate training you ARE the expert, subject-centered vs learner-centered, guide by the side, pretty great timing for this 6 weeks, let me acknowledge your example of life-long learning, keep in touch with young people, Readers Digest coaching story really caught the attention of people in India, Albanian math teacher in Canada, friends and relatives appreciate my help, TT is like a bridge into my own business, coach and train 15 researchers, OK let’s begin <spoken at 7:41>, fill the world with passionate people, interaction is the key, reflective journey of learning, 10 minute warm-up, visualize passing a ribbon to one another, create the space to learn, connect enjoy …, all facilitate 1 teleclass with a mentor (next time details), <8:06> move to today’s topic, cognition based training (CBT), adult learning principles, no people are “empty vessels”, not even children!!, adults need to know WHY they are learning, people are trained to expect a problem-centered approach, adults need motivation (enthusing) and they need to apply it to really learn it, want to get coachee to the point of self-coaching, asking own questions of self, move to self-directed learning, [conference story – only about 10% of people got it], explore within YOU what YOU need, “I can’t believe I spent money on this!”, moment of fear, expect information dump … the toolkit, articulate it more, do be have, the solution ONLY WORKS if it came from the client, there’s a 10-fold growth in learning when we recognize what we want to get and then get it, how do we DO it?, people are brilliant at doing it, feel respected, subtle execution of the skills in ICA teleclasses, glean from that what peopel look for. if ever in an cICA class and don’t notice the skills, contact the trainer and say “I’m really keen to learn. I didn’t hear them in your class, Please share with me how you did it.”



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