2-28 Brunch #3 –> OSP mindmap

Today was the third week of group brunch get-together in the back of 2-28 park. Afterward I went back to my studio and worked on the mindmap of my master plan holder for Jane Lewis, Inc (OpenSpacePlace). For those who know about the 7-year tradition of the western crowd in Keelung meeting twice a week in the evening at the Truck (local Cafe) Neesha and I have now begun a Sunday morning (more my time) brunch get-together at a comfortable spacious cafe in the SE corner of 2-28 park, mid-Taipei.

Another day with OSP on my mind. Breakfast w/ Paul before he went off to his workshop, then today’s 2-28 brunch was me, Meg (back to Taiwan after 5 years away), Neesha and Ripley. Paul was off at his acting workshop with NY City Peggy (develops kids’ broadway musical talent). Neesha was en route to a wedding. Ripley en route to a meeting and me and Meg, apparently, just there. We were the last to leave.

Today’s topics … Public Diplomacy as a career. Magazines TaiBei and “Taipei Living”, the 500-egg installation art in New Paltz, NY, how to design so that the experience, not the product is the selling point for workshops, ultimate fighting in Los Angeles, Teaching Tales of Milton Erickson, Taipei bankers who look like NYC artists. The book Free Play. Ryan N Meg. The role of trust and of expert in processes. The GIO goes to art/movie showings and purchases the international distribution rights to documentaries. 6 weeks ago the supreme court ruled that the EPA has a responsibility to enforce global warming policy.

Ideas: no creative projects happen without hardship. partner up with a new documentary filmmaker to document workshops. This is a piece of the puzzle of how the non-profit can “sell” Ripley’s art workshops. The kids want to be in her programs, but they can’t guarantee a hard art-based result. Rather the result is more like an experience: kids are more open. it expands their strength.there are different focusi — play with color, play with space. expand their arena. feel more connected with the environment and other people. have discussions. reflect on their and others’ art. at the end they have a 15 minute discussion. All of them love to talk about any pieces and to present their own pieces to the group. They grow communication skills, presentation skills, they expand their general and artistic creativity, build cooperative and appreciative teamwork. This is very important in new innovative and technical world, and not taught in the schools.

Learning hands-on creative participation.

We did a kind of Idea Party for Ripley today. Here are some of the notes. The foundation that sponsors her classes is perplexed about to promote what she does. It seems to fit a different model than the one everyone is used to.

Her question: how can I communicate more effectively what actually happens in my workshop?

Ideas: have some people document your class. They can interview parents and participants at the beginning and end. Or have someone do a documentary on your workshop … film. A: How about course design? Just tell them we provide x,y,z. Tell them you promise no particular concrete result. Instead, tell them that typically people choose to change in the process. Show them examples from the results of 3 other workshops you held designed exactly like this one. Draw their attention to the fact that the results are all different. Tell them that the results from this workshop will also be 1-of-a-kind.

Give a purpose. Give an agenda. Then tell them the agenda is only a draft or a guideline. Your higher purpose is to interact what what is present when it appears.

You could have a graphic facilitator there who becomes a resource of the group. They group guides him/her to create images to document their process in your workshop. Have a reflective conversation. This person allows themselves to be guided by the group in creating images of what just happened. Lead a review conversation and graphically represent it. Invite parents come tot he closure and have kids share their experience in this workshop (maybe children and parents sit separate). The most naughty kid in the class. When did you feel frustrated during the process. When people let go of their hands. Wow, really acknowledge the power of the group.

The real purpose of Ripley’s workshop: for participants to discover their own wisdom. My real intention is to help people talk the way their heart desires and bring up the light that person desires for themselves.


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