Snippets From the W-E-A-V-E listserve

I’ve been getting posts from this group for some time, since I invited the founder to do some work here in Taiwan. WEAVE stands for Woman Earth And Vital Encounter and is dedicated to working on a lived spirituality.

ON THE LOT … young filmmakers compete just to see how they creatively respond to a short-film challenge each week. | official | Wiki|

Anyone heard of the film: “INTO GREAT SILENCE”, a documentary of the lives of Carthusian monks from the French Alps, made by Philip Gronin?

Build Your Own Natural Swimming Hole
By Douglas Buege and Vicky Uhland, Grit … an intriguing … thorough DIY guide outlines the steps [to creating a system with] the natural filtering abilities of aquatic plants, and creating a dragonfly-friendly environment that wards of pesky black flies. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these natural pools also offer a safe haven for many organisms, transforming backyards into ecologically diverse oases. — Cara Binder

Ripened Yet Rocking video … The choral and dance group Young @ Heart has been touring the country and entertaining audiences with the latest pop hits since 1982.

Sufi commentary on American Rumi vs modern Turkey’s ignored sufi traditions. The sound of the Ney.


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