Podcasts, Taiwan

Just got an email from a friend of a friend – a self-described video geek – that really got my attention. It looks like a piece of the OSP bigger picture and a great person to hook up with.

Hi, everyone, I want to see if you are interested in doing a video podcast. [story of the problem of finding out how to do things here] This experience led me to think more about how information is received and sought after by the foreign community here in Taiwan.

How many good restaurants, pubs and places to visit have you learned about by word of mouth from a friend or another foreigner? … So, what I want to do is to create a video podcast that would appear about once a week. The duration would be short, 5-7 minutes.

The purpose of the podcast would be to inform and hopefully entertain as well. The content would be directed obviously at foreigners living in Taiwan. I have found a host for the show, and perhaps a co-host may be added.

So, what I’m looking for is people who want to contribute as guests (reporters,. if you prefer) and also technical help, people with cameras, web designers, writers and so on. I want the podcast to include a variety of information that the visiting foreign community or long term ex-pat would find useful. I guess you could call it a video-forum if you see it that way.

OK … if I were contributing I guess it would be as interviewer or documentary designer (not technical person!) and I might start with: music around town, non-profits, collaborative groups, facilitated events (Imagine Taiwan, OST), sampler facilitation tools, where is science thriving in Taiwan. Taiwan entrepreneurs. Healers and bodyworkers and where they hide out. Really, though just a program appreciatively interviewing whoever wished to be interviewed in the course of my daily life would be plenty fun! Then ask them if they’d like to be notified with there were any facilitated events.


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