AI Interviews Taiwan, Interview #1 tomorrow

AI – Appreciative Inquiry. From problem- to possibility-focused. (more definitions of the process HERE)

For years I’ve been thinking about initiating an AI interview process with simple questions that can catch on and anyone can start doing these interviews and uploading them to a shared site. Now YouTube makes that easily possible. And lots of things have come together to take this idea off the shelf of “cool possible projects” and into action. The AI Commons (Case Western Univ.) has lots of shared resources, including interview guides.

Tomorrow I do a pilot AI interview with a PhD student at NTU, the “top” university in Taiwan. He works on the protein structure and function of a novel virus (WSSV) that is the causative agent for a devastating shrimp disease that causes millions of USD damage a year to the farmed shrimp industry. I told him I want to interview him about some of the creative best in Taiwan and said he could take the interview any direction he wanted … and he tells me he wants to talk about great food places in Taipei. Spectacular.

So, I’m the interviewer and the director. I’ve got a cameraman for tomorrow (husband) and a cameraman-in-training (new summer work-study student help). The piece will be cut to about 2-3 minutes from about 20 min filming.

It’s now the night-before and there’s a million questions I don’t know how I want to answer … how much to I say? What do I say is the intention? Do I do this off-camera or on? Do I show him my “set” questions beforehand? (current answer is no). How do I structure this? (A: like a coaching session) How much am I on camera? (A: as little as possible) How do I let this be about his brilliance and his spark unfolding in front of hte camera? To what end? For the sake of what?

Cameraman (Paul) saw interviewee (Honda) today and reports to me that he’s nervous about tomorrow’s interview. Paul says to me and to him … that’s a good sign.

Here’s what I today say it’s about: Conversations for Change –> AI interviews … every human system has something that works right – things that give it life when it is vital, effective and successful. It’s a generative way to energize the creative best in people an their enterprises. AI changes the speed of imagination.

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