cICAs Train the Trainer Teleclass 4 of 6

Today started with this teleclass (7-8:30am). The whole time seemed devoted to community building in our group. My take home’s today: Takehomes can be experiential (Ardienna’s laugh slipped out twice and it was a delightful burst of imp energy!) and rational (Marco’s story of dolphin trainers needing to be trained along with the dolphin for a dolphin-eye-view and I’ve come to realize that as long as people think where they are is wrong, they’ll not learn from it)

Our homework is 3 questions

1) Who is a role model as a facilitator? (Their words: ID s’o in your life who was a role model for you in terms of being a facilitator.)

2) What traits do they have that I admire and would like to take on? (TW: Characteristcs I found were so important?)

3) What great facilitator traits do I have now? (TW: What makes me a brilliant facilitator?)

1) Larry, Dick, Gail (LDG)

2)LDG all: Know a LOT about groups, personal development, business, growth, much from personal experience. They KNOW it’s not about them, and practice “Responsible to vs Responsible for” All 3 live by ORID and ToP principles.

L: solid buddha compassionate laughing says “respect” a lot, which helps him be his naturally outrageous and bigger than life self. Loves his clients, really! Obviously stands for participation and growth.

D: intelligently confronting style. No limits on where he’s willing to contemplate and let go of previous thoughts. Knows how to un-learn. Is a magnet for creative thinkers.

G: retiring genius. Right there for total genuine connection. instantaneous. MASTER of game vs significance. practices ‘what’s 1 less thing I can do?’ Laughs a lot in a quiet “isn’t life funny” kind and compassionate way.

3) my heart is tender clay, others can easily impress into it and it shows. I care about participation, and have spent years studying and practicing. People say: I feel safe around you. you are a model of living life as your art. I’ve never said this to anyone before, but …, I laugh at myself. a lot.

I have a background in nature and music, 30 years as a creative botanist, I feel at home wherever I go, I know the world of science and indulge deeply in the world of the soul. Oh, and I’m an aries (that’s gotta get me points for something).

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