The Musical turns into an Allegory

It’s been an odd day. At one level it’s been quiet and nice. At another it’s been huge. Woke with an odd head, strained eyes, carrying something from the dream world into the day. Now, it’s slightly after midnight, which is not my best time of day, as many of you know. Between I set up a new desk area, flowed with several instant chats and messages to Brazil, California, Canada, Taiwan. Just now I’ve set up MSN messenger to meet a student who I hope I’ll be working with just after contacting my cICA mentor for the training program. Two beautiful meetings with friends/clients. Dinner on the restaurant street behind NTU hospital — nudged into new stomping grounds, because the Mexican restaurant we recently discovered was closed. By 8pm the headache was taking center stage and a deep sleep cleared it. Shortly after waking Paul shared the turnaround in the musical. A couple hours earlier I’d heard several absolute core issues that had become fuzzy after 1.5 years of work. They are at a pivot point hashing out a way ahead. Three hours before that there was no road ahead but hashing it out they’d cut a new road, an allegory, where placing it in Taiwan has a purpose, and all the bits that weren’t hanging together now do. Funny how the road shows up. No more energy to say more. That’s a lot. Wouldn’t want to give too much away, now, would I?


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