1-paragraph self-introduction July 19 ’07

A bit about me.

American [citizen of the world]. Rural practical academic families. 3rd of 4 children. 100+ first cousins. Aries. Highly independent/self-sufficient since birth (or before). Mother has no memory of me before age 1. I think in terms of creative projects, so that’s what my life has become. As soon as I could talk I announced I’d be a teacher when I grew up. I played teacher (complete with teacher’s copy of classbooks) from a pre-school age thanks to a father who was a principal. I did my first year-long teaching gig in 5th grade. I was too young for Future Teachers of America, so asked my teacher for a special assignment and was asked to teach a “slow learner” from one grade younger than me who I then met in the library for weekly lessons. By high school graduation (early graduation) I had hundreds of hours of classroom teaching under my belt before high school graduation, then proceeded to enter exactly 30 years as a botanist (in university settings USA and Taiwan), specializing in seaweed taxonomy. Now I’m 4 years out of that and about 8 years along formal training and lifestyle as a facilitator. I figure I was always a facilitative teacher. I’m a craniosacral bodyworker and, as someone said yesterday, I live my life as art with lots of projects-in-progress. I need to have a few participative projects at all times to thrive, and I can make them up on the fly. Sunday I lead my first workshop on participative dream analysis (Montegue Ulman method). Community means a huge amount to me. This year, 3 months from now, is the 30th anniversary of my first arriving in Taiwan. It’s been the focus of my activities all that time, no matter where I am. I’m delighted to have my life here. Who I am/ what I do supports creative enterprises and I think of my life venture as “OpenSpacePlace.”


1 Response to “1-paragraph self-introduction July 19 ’07”

  1. 1 hawaiibreeze May 10, 2010 at 8:36 am

    lordy! Did I write that? Looks like those joke christmas update letters. All true, but maybe it’s time to re-write it a bit.

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