Thank you, Chinese medicine!


Wrote this to my Canadian friend J Thursday night

I’ve myself been sick today, unable to get up or move, unable to think, painful head, throwing up curled up in my studio. Asked Paul to take me to a Chinese medical doctor and after 5 minutes I was totally back in this world. I’m amazed (once again) at how fast Chinese doctors can diagnose and treat. Turns out mine was called “heat stroke” though not like the western use of this term, probably more like “heat exhaustion”. He demonstrated how my forearm ligament stayed in an upward-bow position after he ran his fingers over it (ouch! but fascinating). Then same with my neck ligaments … which he showed Paul. Then he put a vacuum cup on my neck and drew out the “heat” and I was instantly clear.

After that Paul took me out to eat hot food. And then I was just exhaused and needing sleep. It’s the 2nd time this summer I’ve had this diagnosis – never before – though I HAVE been sick like this before and just suffered it until I felt better.

I really appreciate Chinese medical doctors and would feel good walking into most any clinic that looked inviting from the outside. I’d feel comfortable most places just asking “where near here is a Chinese doctor you’d recommend?”

One important piece of advice when going to a chinese doctor is to realize they use wording that can be misinterpreted. For example today the doctor took my pulse, gave me a grave look and said that there’s a problem with my heart. Knowing this about their wording I said back … a problem with my heart meridian? He said yes. Now, heart meridian includes small intestines, eyes, arms and many areas in the chest. So, it’s important to hear what they are saying spaciously. And heat stroke/exhaustion IS a problem with the heart meridian. Some people (Chinese as well as western) get alarmed that their actual heart is the problem, when it’s not necessarily so, and could get caught up in unnecessary expensive lengthy treatements. Western medicine is excellent for diagnosis if that kind of follow-up was needed.

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