ACRONYM is an acronym

again from businessballs… for our amusement.

acronyms, abbreviations, menmonics, bacronyms for learning and amusement

acronym – Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning.


Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation. The process of innovation


Ask For The Order. The ‘psychological imperative’ and one of the most important rules of selling, despite which, millions of sales people usually forget it.


Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. If your sales, advertising or any effort designed to motivate others to action doesn’t follow this sequence it won’t succeed. Also extended version AIDCA – the ‘C’ is for Commitment or Conviction (on the part of the customer or audience). Also known as the Hierarchy of Effects, but HOE doesn’t have quite the same ring as AIDA.


Big Hat No Cattle.


Before My Time. If you are a new broom trying to sweep clean, this is a useful response to the ‘we’ve always done it that way’ school of thought. In other words, ‘that was then and this is now’.


Belief, Optimism, Courage, Conviction, Action. For the process of change.


Background, Objectives, Scope, Constraints, Assumptions, Reporting, Dependencies, Estimates, Timescales. Very useful acronym for inception of projects, committees, investigations (inquiries), studies, reports, etc, where purpose, parameters and ground-rules etc., have to be established. It was/is used (apparently originally by Hoskyns, who later became Cap Gemini) as a reminder of the headings for a terms of reference document.


Challenge, Location, Advancement, Money, Pride (or Prestige), Security. Employment and recruitment industry acronym: the six acceptable reasons for leaving your job if asked why in a job interview,


Dead Right There. (ODSA) Doctors and nurses shorthand acronym for a patient found dead at the scene.


Dead Right There, There, There, and There. (ODSA) Nurses and doctors abbreviation, as DRT above, but used for pedestrian-train incidents. This outrageous acronym is an example of the human species’ tendency to use humour when dealing with horrific trauma.


Fecal Air Rectally Transmitted. Daft and amusing restrospectively devised acronym, so it’s technically a ‘backronym’. The word fart in fact is derived from Old High German ‘ferzan’ (pronounced fertsan) from older Germanic roots ‘fertan’, both of which are clearly onomatopoeic (sounds like what it is), as is the modern-day word, unchanged in English since the 1200’s. Words and language might change over time, but the sound of a fart is one of life’s more enduring features.


Failing Better Offer.


In My Humble Opinion.


Longitudinal And Directional Distance Extremity Reacher. Perhaps one of the silliest and most wonderful reverse acronyms ever to have been devised. (Ack M Rand)


Life After Divorce Is Eventually Saner. Motto for independence and self-determination, from the so-named activist group.


Lots of Love. (Or) Laughing Out Loud. Ubiquitous acronym found in email, chatroom and texting communications. Very probably the most common acronym in use today.


Not A Lot Going On.


Nota Bene. Abbreviation of the Latin expression commonly used in explanatory writing, literally meaning ‘observe well’.


Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/introversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism. The ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions, by which modern day psychologists believe every person’s personality and behaviour tendencies can be measured. Interestingly, between 30% and 50% of the variation between people’s measurements in these characteristics are attributable to genetics (ie., ‘nature’ – inherited genes from ancestors and specifically parents), and the remainder to environmental factors (ie., ‘nurture’ – the way we have been brought up and our experiences). This means that in terms of the ‘nature versus nurture’ debate, on average ‘nurture’ factors have more influence over our personality than ‘nature’. That said, certain character traits are more likely to be caused by inherited (nature) than others, and extremely subtle differences exist, for example, propensity to hold serious religious belief is more likely to be genetic (nature) than propensity to have strong political attitudes, and propensity to drink coffee or alcohol is more likely to be genetic (nature) than propensity to smoke tobacco. (Source: Nature Versus Nurture by Matt Ridley)


Pressured And Not In Control. Descriptive and useful acronym for all sorts of situations. A reminder also that pressure alone does not produce panic – it’s whether you can control it.


Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time-bound, Ethical, Recorded. The deluxe version of the SMART acronym, a blueprint for all objectives and responsibilities, especially delegation, for oneself or when agreeing objectives, tasks and projects with others. Traditional interpretations of the SMARTER acronym use ‘Exciting’ or ‘Enjoyable’ instead of ‘Ethical’, but in a delegation context, let’s face it, it is not always possible to ensure that all delegated work is ‘exciting’ for the recipient. Whereas the ‘Ethical’ aspect is fundamentally important for everything that we do, assuming you subscribe to such philosophy.


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