Creative Enterprise

So… what about Open Space Place?

This name came up 1.5 years ago and it holds my attention. It (OSP) is the placeholder for my ideal company, my ideal way-of-life structure. The core is connections.

OSP links communities of services around intentional community (the way forward that could include everyone) where the group helps each other connect with their brilliance, their strengths … the things that make them most alive. OSP serves the idea of healing in the workplace. Healing, for me, has everything to do with living one’s truth and almost nothing to do with cure.

Imagine a world where people lived their highest truth in their work.

Healing vs Cure is a distinction brought up in yesterday’s dreamwork.

OSP is a creative enterprise in service to creative enterprise.

It serves those who serve spirit, it serves us as we (all) serve spirit. It makes it easy to learn about and connect with “spirit arts” in Taiwan, with healers, with facilitators, with craftsmen and artists.
And from that I look at the world, and find all SORTS of spectacular sparks, from Productive Creativity to Montegue Ulman’s spectacular group dream appreciation workshops to Karla Kadlec and the spark of healing and heart she brings to Taiwan. There’s Alok Hsu Kuang-Han and his calligraphic energy portraits which I’d *like* to bring to Taiwan, and Hugh Milne who, hopefully I AM bringing to Taiwan December, 2008. Here we have ICA Institute of Cultural Affairs. They have no web site (it’s not how they work). There are 3 people. They make it their business to support spirit wherever it shows up and the 3 of them do this in different ways.

I’ve been following some links on very pushy promotions this morning, the morning after 2 immersion days in dreams, and a dream appreciation workshop that was REAL from beginning to end.

Then I hit on this Montegue Ullman paper. Just delightful!

Dreams as Exceptional Human Experiences

Dreams are ordinary only in the sense that everyone has them. What makes them extraordinary and qualifies them as exceptional human experience are the gifts they bring to our lives if we learn how to receive them. I’d like to share with you the way I think about dreams and their importance, and then suggest answers to three questions. What is ordinary about our dreams? That’s an easy question. Two, what is extraordinary? That’s not so easy. Three, what defines dreams as exceptional human experiences? That’s the one I think I’d like to explore with you.

<and he’s off!>

dreaming and the dream are different … The two modes of consciousness resort to two different languages to say different things about the same organism. … language  is a deeply rooted way of making reality more discrete than it really is … we need to GO BEYOND what can be transmitted in this way …  a deeply rooted way of making reality more discrete than it really is … the dream is a private message to oneself.

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