Friend turns 40yo today

Happy birthday to PC, a coaching, healing, wisdom circle and facilitation community friend here in Taiwan!

From our 3rd floor window seat over a park and with a wide open view of the lightening storm outside, we celebrated the big 4-0.

Here are a few nuggets from the conversation

– she become an English her. “An English ME is finally born! This is the first time I said that.”

– suggesting that body-based coaching is my natural specialty. I work with the body in the change process. So I naturally asked

Q: How do you see me bring healing power?

A: healer part acknowledges my situation. It’s powerful… so powerful that you don’t dont mess with that. Sincerity and healing E by talking to you. Respect what people have been through, no matter how trivial it may appear to other people. To me this is very important. When you asked <role play> where signal came from, that was totally bodytalk. And it helps her prepare to talk to the doctor about it, too. If you do healing you will also … help talk to the body part, too, and just feel it. This creates an enormously feeling session for me. And you will ask, what was the color, and the image. I talk to it and this helps me to connect with it. The whole BodyTalk process is a coaching process.

– the grief cycle. a useful tool or structure. It’s a healthy cycle. When people are in big change and the old is over, but they are still holding on, only not aware. Getting stuck partway through the cycle can become barrier for new vision to come along. Introducing this cycle to our client allows them to be aware of where they are in terms of where they want to be in order to see clearly what’s stopping them by themselves.

It’s actually a change framework … not all 5 stages will necessarily show up.

denial <–> anger <–> bargaining <–>depression <–> acceptance

I wonder what resources could be given in a coaching context … poetry, movies, stories, games, body movement exercises, art.

some questions to move through the grief cycle:

What values do you aspire to live by?
How do you demonstrate those values in your life? in your work?
So in your next job what kind of value you want to demonstrate?
What do you need to see … what evidence will allow you see that you are indeed living by these values?

Maslow — motivational theory

Kolb — learning styles

Gardner — multiple intelligence

Elisabeth Kübler Ross Foundation two websites, and

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