Three ladies on the roof

Yesterday I was treated to a day of extreme self-care from Antonia – breakfast and a long deep discussion about all the things on my mind I’d LOVE to do that require some structure and some help. It’s too many to grasp and this day helped me to experience what’s what and when the various parts make sense. The main sense they made was that craniosacral is first, coaching is a natural adjunct and everything else happens in its own time.

Beginning, it turned out, with today.  Yesterday Antonia and I left with the intention of her helping me with a photo shoot of craniosacral at some point this week. I thought I’d like Ripley to be the model receiving c/s since we’ve worked together so often. Couldn’t reach Ripley yesterday, but left a message for her and for Shaoting to see if he could assist with the process. This morning I woke to Ripley’s YES reply to today and my day went from waking quite unformed to having an immediate intention. Everyone was to meet on the roof at 10:30 and go as long as we need. The sun was hot. The arrangement (sheets and stools and clips and reflector) was quite slipshod, and we started. Ripley immediately noticed she could now identify with how roast chickens feel. I did my best to help her be comfortable, but it WAS hot … summer tropical sun, even under a protective roof with a roof that diffused light. Antonia muttered about how long it’s been since she used all the settings in her professional camera, and R & I allowed ourselves to get into the session. Lots of camera snapping (digital), single and multiple, then a harsh comment that I’m not communicating with the camera, then comments of approval and a change of the background cloth beside me … all without disturbing Ripley too much. We stopped about 11:45 to look at the images and they were … amazing!

I’ll put them up on Paul’s site if he allows and show them off.

Lunch in the little Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall by my studio. Bye to Antonia (now 2:30) and off exploring for a tea house with Ripley, which we stumbled on right away. Maybe it could be a dream appreciation workshop location. We sat chatting and the lovely women (esp Li-Li) brought over tea and cookies and chatted a bit. In the course of talking about just this and that the idea of a photo exhibition on “the joy of touch” came to mind. Who would the models be? How many? Male/Female … ages? And in a flash Ripley had enough to begin the process of putting the whole thing together into a show. I’ll leave her to that part, as it’s her expertise.

I’ve turned some very big corner through the course of yesterday and today.

Antonia is a journalist and has spent long years working with her voice and camera in her art. Here she has worked in media as well as combining it with language teaching (German, in her case). Antonia is a reiki practitioner – one I just received my first session from yesterday.

Ripley is from an artistic family. She, and her mother, are photographers. She is an art facilitator, a gifted healer and a member of the FCP (facilitation certification program) community here.

Together – there’s a lot of laughter, energy and achievement. I’m looking forward to seeing what other projects we gravitate to together.


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