So, what’s the key benefit working with me?

This week my friend Antonia, a journalist and publicist for many years sat down to talk a few hours with me to come up with one simple statement of what I do, that I’m happy to tell others. I’m disinclined to say much or direct people to other people’s experiences, and yet I want some sort of answer. She came up with a number of stories I told or things I said that she found to be impactful, and I want to think about. I’d love any feedback on these, with comments, below, or email me (

entries with quotes are stories from others.

– By asking you powerful questions, I help you learn your way to the
answers that are exactly right for your own unique situation.

– “A session with Jane is like a brush with my own divinity”.

– “I had an ice skating accident 15 years before our session. I pretty much forgot all about it, just used to being stiff. But when you touched my sacrum it’s like the accident was happening again … all the feelings that had been buried all this time. And then they just left, they let go and my back feels better than it has … forever. It’s like the feeling had been stored there just waiting for a chance like that to finally release”.

– Working w/ people on the things inside them that haven’t quite come out.

– Refreshing your connection with your essence, your motivation, your spark … the thing that makes you feel alive and inspired.

– Do you have something that has wanted to be born for so long? I connect you with yourself in a way that makes this possible. I see it. It’s right there. With practice, you can see your way right to it. Now you can do it. Then, don’t worry, there’ll be another impossible dream that comes along, but you’ll bring new resources and personal power to the next time. It’s life. It’s the process of development and growth. Never-ending. You can choose to engage at whatever level you wish.

– Connecting you with yourself for your own answers from heart, mind, spirit, community and body.
– “This is going to sound strange, but, as you were working on my hand I really could feel something leave my head and I just felt ligher… and really really good. What’s that?”

– “Like magic. Really. Magic. You know I had just come from a massage when I got here. She worked for an hour on my frozen muscles in my back and neck and it made no difference. You worked

– “Craniosacral with Jane is like a real cheap vacation. You don’t even have to pay money to go on the plane. You could do a 1/2 day bodywork and life orienting session and come out operating on all cylinders”.

– “I feel I am being taken good care of — forever from now — forever and ever”.

– Connect with your own power in a unique way and see yourself deeply.

– You have a question. I am not telling you the answer but I let you tell the answer from your multiple intelligences. You have a vision. You can move along your own unique path to achieve that vision.

– [It seems when you work on me you are] “Taking away of whatever I don’t like inside of me”.

– And then you come home.

– Who you are is suddenly becoming a wonderful place to be.

– It’s like a vacation. You are refreshed and connected with yourself.


– [re: facilitation] Imagine a room full of brilliant radiant people who come together to talk about that topic that you just mentioned. Wouldn’t that be cool? Amazing things can happen when spirit is invited into a group who is attracted to the same concept. It’s possible. Helping people talk about it, and realize it’s possible.

– “I feel craniosacral is like turning on a switch that makes me become really functional”.

– A session is like hitting your personal re-set button.

– “Better than sex.”

– All forms of healing are about connecting with one’s deepest truth. I figure that facilitation is about healing in the workplace. Coaching is personal life healing.

When pressed to name a style, I say mine is an Open Space structure
and I myself am a body-based coach — helping my client access the
multiple intelligences available to them.

Together with my client we design the coaching … the style, the
structure, etc that will best support them.

The process is something like this: First some emails or phone conversation to see if we’d like to try out coaching. If so, there’s a complementary session with some pre-session questions, like homework, and some post-call reflection. I encourage 4-6 months minimum commitment – that’s the time for biological change and then I begin with an intake conversation that ranges from 1-2 hours, connected with bodywork if you so like. It makes for a very eventful 1/2 day. Then we move from there in the structure we have co-created.


I now offer VIP coaching. This is for people ready for immersion personal change process and who want to take advantage of coaching, tailored facilitation process support, bodywork and research support.

Direct communication is where it’s at for me. Welcome to contact me directly.

This blog is really me writing to me and inviting anyone else to read what I write. I think it’s a fair indication of who I am. Something like the second entry is that particular day’s version of my life’s story. I wonder if I should start a collection of “my life story” entries. I wonder how different they can be.


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