Writing up the Dream Appreciation Group

Today’s find is the Website for Intersol, a Canadian facilitation consultation company. As I read their insights and community of practice areas I re-formulated my wording on a few things — like my coaching and the dream group. Here’s my current take on the dream group, the next on my coaching/bodywork service.

Dream Appreciation Group

In this group we pay relaxed, and careful, attention to (1) Process and (2) Facilitation.

(1) Process means using a method or approach, consisting of a specific series of steps, which is most appropriate to the task at hand. In this case, we follow the Montegue Ulleman group dream appreciation method. The method is clear with very specific guidelines. We bracket this process with a group process of relaxed arrival and departure, clear checkin and checkout, and awareness to an atmosphere of profound respect.

(2) Facilitation means ensuring that the group makes the best use of its collective human resources as it applies the Process to the task. The leader always sets the intention and explains the process and guidelines, then invites everyone together to be aware of how we, as a group, are doing. It’s important that we are mindful of the value of profound respect and always vigilant to ways we may improve. The respect goes many ways … respect for you, for me, for the group, for the process, for the dream and for the dreamer. Attending to these perspectives, while completing the process, is an immersion process.

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