What’s this Human Design stuff?

I’ve had an intention to become familiar with the self-development and healing modalities available in Taiwan. This one – Human Design – came to my attention through a friend of Karla’s who attended the BodyTalk class in May. He’s a Human Design …. something… analyst/interpretor.

The last day I’ve spent a huge amount of time looking at web materials in this area.

On the one hand … anything that generates hypotheses to test in life is intriguing to me. Hypotheses that re-frame disempowering stories we make up about our life appeal to me in particular. This modality is full of those. Very refreshing, affirming, playful, creative.

On the other hand, there is a creation story of this modality that requires neutrinos (as if they are something magical) and 8-day+night transmission on the island of Ibiza (sp?) off Spain. It looks like astrology with a forced (?) i-ching interpretation laid on top. Not to mention that I’m afraid the voice of the transmittee just hits me the wrong way. It’s a petty thing, for sure. You see, he breathes in a whisper with nose breathing and mouth breathing very noticeable and the overall quality poorly engineered. Why not up the quality of the recordings, and the readings? Otherwise it is quite jarring to some folks (like me). Kindof like the BodyTalk group. A great sense of chosen-ness and significance and combined with lax attention to detail. I notice that my personal gut response to this aspect is yuck. Something about a message from Jupiter. I really don’t feel compelled to learn that story, more like repelled. My intention is to be open and it is challenged.

However if I focus on Jakub, these concerns disappear. I’ve asked Jakub to talk with me more about this stuff, and that I am looking forward to. My own particular biases are quieted when I pick who I’m speaking to. That’s useful information.

And I really think there’s something here that could help a lot of people, connecting in with real life experiences. I notice HD shows up a lot with psychotherapists and other licensed professionals, as well as certified professionals (like certified coaches). I think it’s an empowering theory/model, just a taxing creation story. Good news is that the “creationist” himself says time and again something along the lines of ‘there’s nothing here that you need to believe’ … basically ‘check it out for yourself’ which is the kind of activity I’m delighted to participate in.

Anyway, if you are interested, Jakub Stritezsky is the Human Design person here, and here’s his site. Recommended!

A most interesting southern (USA) empowerment coach Tuck Self says it like this:

If a tool supports one’s journey toward living passionately, assists in overcoming adversity and basically gives one piece of mind and a greater sense of well-being….WHO CARES how it’s communicated?


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