Half a month to Hamburg

Early October I’ll be assisting Hugh Milne (of Milne Institute – the visionary/intuitive craniosacral training institute) with 2 of his courses in Hamburg … and I’m really looking forward to this. Until yesterday I was trying to piggy-back a trip to upstate New York to my mom’s house, where my sister will be visiting and the leaves will be in their fall glory. That’s not going to happen this trip ($$$ !!!) so today is the kinda quiet that happens when images shift.

What’s happening now is the sense of getting ready — eventfulness, preparation, closure on loose ends, excitement — and the need to stop a bit to take stock of what’s happening.

House on the hill is getting once-a-year cleanup (reevaluation)
New professional space a block away from Taipei American School (shared with 2 others)
Open Space Place as a company (conversation with others)
Conversation about me teaching healing topics at a university in the south of the island
Clearing out old things I’ve been storing

… and more, but the day calls (specifically Peggy, with whom I have an appointment).

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